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The mind I love most must have wild places, a tangled orchard where dark damsons drop in heavy grass, an overgrown little wood, the chance of a snake or two, a pool that nobody's fathomed the depth of, and paths threaded with flowers planted by the mind.

Katherine Mansfield


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I provide niche’ psycholegal services for individuals involved in legal matters. This includes facilitating mental health and psychological functioning assessments. I also compile reports that may be used during legal proceedings.

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Psychologist Sea Point

Research on psychological processes in corporate companies suggest that individual and group dynamics can significantly influence corporate functioning and commercial outcomes.

As a psychologist with an interest in group functioning, I assist companies develop psychological literacy and social responsibility initiatives that contribute meaningfully to their functioning and results.

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I am a clinical psychologist based in Claremont, Cape Town. As an HPCSA registered psychologist I am licensed to provide a range of psychology services, including assessments and psychotherapy services. I work with  a diverse group of people, including older adolescents and adults as well as private sector corporate’s.

Over the next few pages you will find more information about my practice and the types of psychology services that I offer. You will also have access to interesting articles as well as books and dvd’s, and videos on psychology and related topics. 


In my clinical practice I facilitate assessment and  psychotherapy services for older adolescents and adult individuals. I also offer consulting services to private sector corporate’s.

My professional interests include working with individuals who are experiencing or struggling with:

  • trauma or loss;
  • anxiety and stress;
  • mood difficulties;
  • relationship difficulties;
  • professional or career related challenges;
  • transitional and life challenges such as parenthood, separation or divorce, and personal existential questioning.

I practice psychotherapy primarily from an integrative psychodynamic framework. This means that I foreground developing a working relationship with my clients and patients that helps make sense of the thoughts and feelings and behaviours that may be causing distress in their life.  

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A psychodynamic framework encourages a more in-depth inquiry that focuses not only on symptoms or conditions (such as anxiety or depression) but also on the reasons why particular symptoms or conditions may have developed. Understanding what maintains the difficulties a person may be experiencing, or what makes them worse or what helps reduce or alleviate them is an important focus of working psychodynamically.

In general people experience psychodynamic therapy to be helpful in developing their own personal psychological resources, self-awareness, and reflectivity – which are fundamental to the capacity to prevent, cope with, and manage life stressors.

For more information about psychodynamic psychotherapy (on this site) please click here. A simple (and fun) information source about some of the ideas about psychodynamic psychotherapy can be followed on the short video clip below.

Psychologist Sea Point


Psychologist Sea Point


Psychologist Claremont


Psychologist Cape Town


Psychologist Sea Point


Psychologist Sea Point


Psychologist Sea Point | Mark Steyn


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